Friday, November 13, 2009

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Porn is ruining my self-confidence HELP!? My boyfriend and I were dating and lived together for 3 years now. At first, sex life was great, I knew he watched porn and I didn't care, I even watched it with him. But after about a year and a half, he told me he wanted to start living his life by the gods rules and I totally respect that. We talked about how we will not have sex anymore until we are married and, although it was difficult it was worth it b / c I love him. We always stick to this rule but we slip up from time to time (especially when the intiative because I do not want him to feel pressured if I open it and usually when I start it it pushes me away) and sometimes it confuses me and told me that Im spontainious not enough. anyway it was just a little backround info for the real problem ... He watched porn, and I knew I was OK and thinking that these girls are simply random and notes that they are imagining and do it with me and helped me until recently when I found a bunch of picks of naked Megan Fox on our computer ... I started thinking that there is no action to imagine he did with me, there's just this beautiful woman with a sexy body and tits bigger than me sitting there naked. The worst part was watching this while I was in the other room and I am always ready and willing for him, I just want back and wait for it to come to me because I l 'I mentioned earlier, I do not want him to feel pressure and when he rejects me it hurts. So the other day I spoke of things I want to lay on my body by joining the gym and he didn't even try to reassure myself that I didn't need to join the gym. Im not a big girl (110 pounds 53), but I just wanted to tone my body and he just looked straight and didn't say a word. I feel like he does not find me sexy and more girls prefer to look at specific he thinks is hot on the Internet then see me naked. It is really affecting my self image I feel gross and unwanted .... I do not want to confront him b / c I do not want him to think I was snooping around the computer ... trying to find something on him ... Please someone let me know if false impression of being angry and feel this way? I just do not understand why he used to sin and be with me but sin and lust for other women ... It makes me feel like I do not do it for him more help please ...
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